Hero Bio Crisis

Hero Bio Crisis

Official Hero Bio Crisis Whitepaper, last updated December 2021
HERO BIO CRISIS is a non-lethal first-person shooter that takes place in a fictional world that has been ravaged by a virus identified as "COMVE 323" (Encapsulated Viral Mutant Organic Compound). Players can earn $HBC tokens trough playing in 3 different modes and by using it in the main features of the game.
The way to earn $HBC tokens:
  • Advancing trough the SURVIVAL MODE, when for each 10 waves the player earns $HBC tokens.
  • Increasing the CRISIS PASS level, players can acquire consumables, special items, EXP Boosters and $HBC tokens.
  • Investing in the TOURNAMENTS and winning them. For each tournament there's a Juicy 1rst Place Price!.
  • Spinning the DAILY SPIN WHEEL that have slots with prices including $HBC tokens.
  • "Starting in 2022 players will have the feature to exchange the $HBC on..."
Hero Bio Crisis's Mission
Hero Bio Crisis it's a project that allow players to generate an important income playing the game and investing in several features that create competitive opportunities as well to win prices.
The Vision
We dream to create amazing experiences of gaming.
We want to give the players a good quality game and trully playable to generate income.
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